Visit Showrooms of Lighting Stores in Toronto to Find Brands and Styles to Suit Your Lifestyle

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Visit Showrooms of Lighting Stores in Toronto to Find Brands and Styles to Suit Your Lifestyle

You can find lighting brands and styles to suit your lifestyle and create brilliant spaces in your home by visiting lighting stores in Toronto. The first step is to determine what your lighting goals are. Task lighting is focused onto the space in which you are trying to work. Ambient lighting is used for ambiance and for the overall lighting of a space. Each room in your home should have a mood you want to set and a function you want your lighting to serve. Once you determine your goals, you can begin to choose lighting options for your Toronto home.


Chandelier lighting can add striking visual interest to any room. A chandelier makes an ideal primary light source for a dining room or an entryway into the home. A well placed and appropriately proportioned chandelier can also add a beautiful effect to a living room, a bedroom or even a bathroom. You can choose a modern lighting design which will continue the modern look throughout the home or you can mix it up and choose a transitional look chandelier for your modern home design in order to add a classic look. You can use the chandelier as artwork and sculpture as opposed to it being the obvious lighting source of the room. The choice depends on your personal style.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is a versatile style of lighting. With so many types of pendant lights to choose from, it is not hard to see why pendant lighting has become so popular. Pendant lights are a great option to add to your next lighting project since pendant lighting can be placed in all rooms of your home to provide task lighting, ambient lighting or even to provide a decorative lighting fixture. Take a look at the McCarran Globe Large Pendant by Ralph Lauren Lighting for a beautiful pendant lighting choice.


Wall sconces are the perfect lighting addition to your Toronto home. Wall sconces are available in a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing designs, styles and colours. Find the areas in your home where you need soft ambient light and use a wall sconce to complement your existing decor. Decorative wall sconce lighting adds a timeless look to any room in your Toronto home. Consider a wall sconce in the bedroom to accent your headboard, in the bathroom for their trendy look or in the living room as a decorative work of art.

Outdoor Lighting

Make a great first impression of your home by visiting lighting stores in the Toronto area for outdoor lighting ideas that will illuminate the way and add a decorative accent to your property. Light up all entrances to your home as an increased safety measure and increase the security of your home by lighting up dark areas and corners.
When searching for lighting stores in Toronto, visit the Prima Lighting showroom in Vaughan. In the expansive showroom, you will find the finest brands with high quality products. The open concept layout of the showroom makes it simple and effortless to find just the right light fixture for your home. 

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